The Best Laptops of 2019

The Best Laptops of 2019

In this technology world, daily innovation gets launched with unique and best features. This type of new launches always confuses a user to go for the best one. The company makes it easier for its user to decide the best thing to purchase and the same thing goes with the laptop. The laptop has made the life of user comfort and mobility. So when it comes to deciding the best laptop, do not get confused. The company has reviewed many laptops and always helps you to decide the best laptop according to your specific needs and pocket. According to review and test did, the Dell XPS 13 has been declared the best laptop of 2019.

Have A Glimpse At The Best Laptops Of 2019

The Dell XPS 13 – This laptop is beautiful, powerful and portable.  It’s attractive and the contemporary thin-bezel design makes it unique and the best. Its unique characteristics include a Core i5 Whiskey Lake processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Apart from this, it has a terabyte of solid-state storage. This system is energy efficient so that you can use it the whole day.  It is always a leader in the area of battery life. The design of the laptop is groomed and very sleek to carry.  The color of the laptop attracts the user most like last year’s Rose Gold shell, paired with a bold, white interior, which was loved by everyone.  The New color of laptops is great. The non-touch 1080p, touch-enabled 1080p, and touch-enabled 4K are the three display option comes in this laptop. This laptop has good storage. Apart from this, this laptop is not meant for serious gaming purposes. It is speedy and has an ultra-book performance. It has been redesigned so that the hinge opens easily. Apart from this, the laptop has a fingerprint reader built into the power button. The touch pad is fantastic and also the speakers located on either side of the chassis are great. Precisely, with all the above mentioned this laptop is the best laptop of 2019.

The best Mac Book: Mac Book Air: This laptop is the best for students and Apple fans. As it is beautiful, thin and light which always easier to carry. It has excellent build quality with loud and clear speakers. It has a touch ID with an improved keyboard and track pad. Moreover, it has a higher resolution retina screen.  It has also reduced its starting price for students. This Apple entry-level laptop appeals the commuters. It is an 8th gen core i5 processor. It has third-generation keyboard, which also adds a plastic membrane beneath each key cap to protect it against the dirt and dust. This laptop is well built, well rounded with no huge flaws. It also includes a healthy 8GB of RAM in its base model. Furthermore, this laptop is best for detailed work like selecting the text, dragging windows, or multi-touch gestures. Its material, new gold color makes this unique and robust. In this laptop headphone jack been added so that user can enjoy music while working.


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