How To Capture A Desktop Screen On A PC-Screen Shot

How To Capture A Desktop Screen On A PC-Screen Shot

Suppose you are doing some important official work or some person on through your windows laptop or PC.  Some important highlights of your worksheet, or mail, video clip, or some software bugs you need to capture in image format and keep it as a proof for some future references. This is a crucial time when you need to take a screenshot. Capture A Screen Shot a screenshot may be a small task, but it is of great importance. The purpose of taking screenshots might differ from person to person, and need to need. People take screenshots for record-keeping or submitting some bug reports or some highlights as a mean of pictorial proofs.

Screenshot in Windows PC, can be taken with the help of few simple ways. In this description, we will start describing the easiest way.

Step 1: Capture the Image

You need to press the print screen key (Prtscn) that is found at the top-right corner of the keyboard. Just you press the button, the operating system grabs everything seen on your displays.

At the same time, if you want to capture the screenshot of the active window, you should press the “PrintScreen” button with the “Alt” key.

If you have a laptop in spite of pc, then you should press the print screen button either with function(fn), or windows key based on the functionality of a laptop.

As a sign of proof, some computers flicker or darken the screen. But, most of the time there is no sign that screenshot worked.

Another crucial point that you need to take care of is using the function key with the PrintScreen button to take screenshots. Make sure that the function key does not illuminate. In several cases, Fn key stops screenshots for proper working as windows registers three keys in spite of two. One drive tool of Microsoft automatically saves the screen, and you can there find screenshots and pictures.

Step 2: Open Paint

For many screenshots, if you want to crop or modify it to some extent, then you can use any of the software programs to do this. But, the easiest is to do it with Microsoft paint.

Step 3: Paste And Save The ScreenShot

If you are using windows 10, then you can reach the paint section simply typing paint into the windows search bar, and clicking the paint software icon. Once you find the paint open, you just need to click the paste button on the upper left corner, or you can do it by pressing ctrl+v. You will find the captured image will be displayed in the paint window.

Now to save the screenshot, just click the main file option show in the upper left corner, and click save as. Here give a suitable name to your file, select the location, and choose the format from the menu and then save. Most of the time JPG format of image does good, but sometimes  you can also change formats like GIF, PNG, etc., based on your need.


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