How To Recall Already Sent Email in Outlook?

How To Recall Already Sent Email in Outlook?

If you are a working professional, you should have a better knowledge of how to recall an email in outlook. It is always a common mistake committed by all of us when we’re done with sending of important mails, then we notice that there was some error in it. And something worse happens with us when we, by mistake click reply all sent with an embarrassing email to all coordinates. So, at this crucial point of time, there is good news, as you are gonna get a chance to recall an email in Outlook even after they’re sent to recipients.

Well!  In this guide with a few awesome explanations, we will be clearing you with steps to recall an email in outlook.  If you’re using Microsoft Outlook for managing your email, just check step by step procedure to learn how to revert back those emails right back to your outlook.

Steps To Recall Outlook Emails


First of all, in your outlook, go to the sent items folder, and check for an email that you want to recall. To open it completely, just double-click it.


After that see at the window top, and be sure that you’re in message tab.

After that check drop-down menu that says Actions. You will find it in your taskbar near rules & move email options.


Select option, “actions” that are followed by the option, “recall this message”.


“If you want to recall a message option to be available, you need to have an exchange account. Also, be sure that this option is blocked by certain administrators based on your company. “


After that, you need to check the recall window which allows you to select in a simple way by deleting unread messages or replacing it with a new message that possesses the proper information. Here also you have an alternate for receiving report to list that recalling is successful or failed.

After making appropriate selections based on the situation, just select ok. If you’re successful in deleting the message, then congrats, you’re saved as that embarrassing email will not more be read.

If you want to replace the same mail with some modifications, just continue to step 5.


Once you created the replacement message, you will be directed to the screen of the new compose message.


” If you’re sending a recall message, it doesn’t let your old email disappear. Therefore, when you’re going to replace this message, the better suggestion is to put “urgent or som highlighting text in recalled message text to let it opened by recipients before other mail.


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