Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of any company’s main aim is to protect the data and information the customer secure. Whatever information company has it has been always used to enhance and know the customer interest. The information gathered by the customer is helped in improving the services. Furthermore, it always helps to provide and deliver the service in the interest of the customer. Information may include your email address, name, phone number, address, and any other information. Please be assured that your information will be not disclosed. Data and information of yours collected from any source. Some information is automatically collected, whenever you visit the side.

Information about you can be gathered whenever you visit the site on mobile. Your usage and activity kept stored in the database. As per the activity of yours, the company tries to enhance the technology. The company always takes measure steps to protect the information from misuse, destruction or any loss. Without authorized access, one can breach the data. As per the law, everything is followed. Depends on you, you can opt-out not to receive promotional emails. Always take your consent to share the data, without your permission nothing could be shred to anyone. For any issue feel free to contact the company.