Why Facebook Can’t Help You Once Your Account Gets Hacked?

Why Facebook Can’t Help You Once Your Account  Gets Hacked?

As someone’s facebook account gets hacked, the simple way to go come out of this trouble is to reset the password, and then sign in again. Suppose you are a credible facebook user and your account was hacked by someone who misused your account by creating a fake business at the address that does not exist. Well! As usual, you will go for resetting the password and reset all the unnecessary changes made by that hacker in  your account. But, what if the hacker stoles your credit card details, and he uses them for making payments for ads. At this juncture, you will contact Facebook Customer Service to get rid of such error, at this situation the support team is found helpless to assist you to get rid of ad accounts.

Billions of Facebook users have to compromise with such conditions when their accounts are either hacked or compromised due to such activities. The social network uses automated systems in order for detecting suspicious activity and resetting passwords of people, but when something that happens beyond their forces makes them helpless in giving the right solutions.

Recently Facebook has to make settlements of $5 billion with FDC, which gave users to carry a status of new privacy rules for the company. According to CEO Mark Zukerberg, it will be requirement hundreds of engineers. But, the official customer support staff appointed here has to come across more difficulties, as they need to deal with perplexed users who need help after their account is hacked.

Facebook Customer Service is not very genuine and responding to any common facebook user. One of the reasons behind it is the presence of scammers who are running facebook help centers, especially to steal private data or money of users.

Well! The Facebook Help Center no doubt provides you a clear way to contact Facebook Support executives. Otherwise, users have to deal with frequently asked questions, forums, chatbots, or other AI-based tools. The advantage of human support representatives that the user is able to deal with unique problems.

In general views a facebook user might think that improving their security practices might be the priority of Facebook, however, it is not completely true. The complete history of facebook till now shows that it has more focus on generating growth & ad revenue in spite of prioritizing security.

The cases of account hack, and then hackers using their credit card to run their business ads have been found in many cases.

In some cases, facebook locks the user account owing to some suspicious activities. The user itself is not able to reactivate the account, as the respective support offered by Facebook is just run through messenger only. The situation of frustration increases more when the ads keep running, and the charges are still deducted from a credit card. And when any client messages, the user is not able to respond to that.

The biggest social media company like facebook, the customer support team does not have smart engineers who can help to recover victims of such hacked accounts.

It is the reason after settlement of a handsome amount, Facebook is now deciding to set up new privacy rules for the company.


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