Have A Look at Few Latest Google Algorithm Updates

Have A Look at Few Latest Google Algorithm Updates

Google is one of the best search engines across the globe. Nothing is permanent, changes and updates occur daily to be best in the particular field. Lots of changes to search have been made in Google from the year 2000 onwards. An incredible 3,234 updates have been made in the year 2018 that is equal to an average of almost 9 per day. In the year 2009, there was more than eight times the number of updates. Although, most of the changes are slight. Furthermore, sometimes Google rolls out a vital Google Algorithm Update (such as Panda and Penguin) that influences search results in consequential ways.

Google usually releases one or more changes or updates to enhance the result. For an online researcher or operator, knowledge about the Google update timings helps them to explain changes in rankings and organic website traffic and eventually enhance search engine optimization. Please have a glance at the major algorithmic changes that have had a crucial impact on the search.

Latest Google Algorithm Updates As Per The Month, Year And The Status

BERT Update – This update is confirmed and occurs on October 2, 2019. It is a natural language processing model and helps in providing a richer understanding of language. Google upgraded its algorithm and basic hardware to assist the BERT.  This update has made easier to write really content and fulfill the intent of user what they are really searching. Furthermore, BERT also helps Google to explain natural language searches and understand the situation in a better way.

September 2019 Core Update – This update is launched on September 24, 2019, and is the confirm update, presented a unique set of ranking data at the niche level. As per the record, this update lasts only for two days. It was measured at 97°F on MozCast. However, no information was provided by Google.

Maverick Update – It was launched in July 2019 and is a non-confirmed update. This update was a bit secretive and exact. This update did not put any great impact on the search traffic.  It was not a big success in the algorithm.

Site Diversity Update – Google announced this on June 6, 2019, and claimed that it will improve the situations of sites that had more than two organic listings.  The impact was not so much according to Moz data. Meanwhile, the update did marginally improve SERPs with a 3-5 duplicates site on page one. Besides this, this was a confirmed update.

June 2019 Core Update – This was a confirmed update and announced on 3rd June 2019. It has been announced with limited details.  The impact was smaller although UK publishers reported heavy losses.  On average, this update shows some winners and some losers.

Indexing Bugs – This update was to prevent new content from being properly indexed, announced on May 23, 2019. As per the report of MozCast, SERP flux from May 23-25 (peaking on the 23rd), but it’s unclear if this was directly related to the bugs. Apart from this, it was a confirmed algorithm. Google confirmed these bugs two days in a row.


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