How To contact Google Customer Service?

How To contact Google Customer Service?

How much your life is affected when you face the issues related to Gmail? Sometimes when your account gets locked and when you are not able to forward emails then it is quite frustrating. At that point use the strategies for recovering the password, but sometimes verification procedure makes you like what?? Dudethis account then why should I give proof… There are so many features of Google Customer Service. Some of the features are Google Calendar, Google ad word, Google navigation, Maps, Gmail and lot more, but if you lost one password then you will be unable to access your own account. This hampers your work only.

Imagine you have given enough of your digital life on Google. You trust in their email and calendar, Google Drive for storage and Google Photos, but on one day you have forgotten your password then Google will not show you the trust factor and for unlocking your account you have to provide your identity.

Once I was opening my Gmail account for forwarding some important emails to the employee then suddenly I have forgotten my password and then I really had tried to recover my password but it not work. On that day I really got frustrated because Google is also not having its helping hand to help us.

Prove Your Identity

Once I tried to open my account by providing the mobile number but unfortunately, the verification code is not accepted by the Goggle. Then after that, I tried answering the question for proving identity to Google but unluckily this also not works. Later then I again tried to unblock the account by entering the alternated email id but this also not result in unlocking my account and at last, I really got frustrated and I joined my hand.

When you face this kind of mess than I personally think about Google Customer Service, and at that point, I think that if Google provides its best customer service then one will not have to face so many issues related to Google. Forgetting passwords is not only the issue because, but there are also a lot more issues related to Google like changing passwords, account recovery, unable to forward emails, not able to receive emails and much more. We all can resolve our issues via Google Help but for that, we have to forward emails related to the queries. Sometimes Google Help also proves the better option for resolving the issues in a faster manner.


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