How To Fix Yahoo Account Hacked Issue?

How To Fix Yahoo Account Hacked Issue?

If you are observing some unusual activities on your Yahoo Emails and you think that your Yahoo email account has been hacked then what to do? As we know that there millions and billions of yahoo users and it is quite difficult for Yahoo user to secure all account and as we all know that hackers find the way of having the Yahoo Account. If in case your account has been hacked then do follow the following measures.

Log In Your Yahoo Account

Immediately login your Yahoo account and for that, you need to open your Yahoo Sign Inh page and you have to enter the email address and password on it. After logging the account check weather yoiur data is still stable on the account or not. While log in the account make sure you are in the internet connection zone.

Reset Yahoo Password

After login into your account instantly changes your Yahoo password. One should always change the account password in a fixed time period because it helps you in maintaining safety and security. In order to change the password, you need to visit the Yahoo account user page and then from there change your password. In order to change the password, you may need to provide the old password.

Did You Shared Password?

After changing the password ask yourself that you have shared your password if in case you shared the password then try to find out whether that person with whom you have shared the password. Always remember never share your account password with anyone as it may affect your account. Never use your account on other devices and do not save the password other devices otherwise your account can be accessed by anyone.

Change Yor Security Question

In order to maintain security always change your security question from time to time and never share the question from anyone. Always try to provide a strong question. Sometimes while setting the question we are confused and we are unable to find out the appropriate answer, in that case, try to answer the question which you can remember.

2 Step Verification

One can make your account safe and secure by enabling the 2 step0s verification. When you will enable this security then you will always receive the code on your mobile while logging in into your account and without entering that code your account will not open. If in case your account will be open by someone then you will get to know, so always try to enable the 2 steps verification o0n your all email and social media platforms. If in case you are not able to resolve the hacking issues on your own then you can take the support of Yahoo Help by dropping an email. Yahoo Customer Service can help you out resolving your issues in a faster manner.


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