YouTube is the second largest search engine and one of the most popular video-sharing platforms. On a daily basis, thousands of videos are shared and uploaded on this platform since 2005. Video content easily attracts the audience as it gives the opportunity to sellers and users to display their products and brands. Helps in generating revenues for many companies. Youtube can be accessed on a computer, mobile and can be watched on TV also if it is connected to the internet. It is always evolving and many features had been added over the past years to make it more user-friendly. YouTube Salient Features are always attracting the user and making it more useful and informative also.

In this, you will get videos of movies, trailers, music videos, video blogs and many personal videos related to motivation, spirituality, fitness, art & craft etc. There are two types of users in this platform video creators and video viewers. You can be both a creator and viewer if you have own channel and upload videos to it. It is viewed in many countries and videos are in fifty languages. As it is owned by Google so the user needs to use Google account to create a YouTube account. And then the user can explore the video contents

YouTube Home Page Makeover

YouTube home page is getting a makeover as it is giving the user control over recommendations. The change will impact on the layout of the homepage of YouTube. There will be lesser videos as per the row. Moreover, YouTube is allowing for longer video titles and a larger video thumbnail which makes the user see what the video is about. Apart from this, this new feature shows the design on shelves like Top news and Breaking news which makes a perfect homepage.

Add To Queue

This option helps the user to watch the video later or at any time according to convenience. It also saves time as user does not have to search the video again to watch. For adding the video in the queue, the user has to click on the button on the video thumbnail to either add the video to the Watch later list or to the queue. While watching the video you can also use this feature and that video will be minimized to the corner of the page. The queue is helpful in building the playlist but once you will clear the history queue will get cleared.

Don’t Recommend The Channel

On YouTube there are several videos that keep posting, some go viral and some are not liked by audiences due to any reason. Sometimes, the video comes on the homepage if you do not like it, there is no option of blocking that video but you can keep that video in the section “Don’t Recommend channel”. For this, you need to click on horizontal three dots just below the video on the home page and choose “don’t recommend channel” from the drop-down. Once you have selected that option then that video will not appear on the home page.

YouTube Kids

It is a kid video website started by YouTube. YouTube Kids is designed in such a way that kids under twelve enjoy and learn while watching the videos. It focuses on kids only and divided into four categories; “Shows”, “music”, “recommended” and “learning”. It has also an interesting feature of the parental lock through which parents can lock the accessing of the search tool and set the time limit. According to the latest update, it is available in sixty-nine countries.

Improved comments

The new ranking system is designed to improve the comment section so that the irrelevant comment or junk comment gets less visibility. The junk comments always distract the user from viewing the videos.

Notification Subscriber

Through this feature, the user will always get notified whenever a new video will uploaded according to his/her interest. This feature is used by the content creators to know their fans that they have uploaded a new video. Users will never miss any newly launched video.

YouTube Live

It is one of the best features of YouTube as it gives the opportunity to form a real-time bond with an online audience. There are certain criteria that one has to qualify for streaming live on YouTube. Keeping aside the criteria, with live streaming it is the most powerful marketing tool just users need the right planning, messaging and equipment.


YouTube Creators think video content is enough to attract the audience. But if you want to attract other countries’ users to view your video then please go for this feature. Captioning will increase the views. Besides this, it also helps search engines to find your videos and to rank higher in search queries.

Audio Library

It allows the user to access to royalty-free music and sound effects. Moreover, you can download it for free. Users can enjoy the music with video streaming it will impact on the emotion of any user.

Apart from this, there are many features of YouTube which are getting added every year to enhance this app. Fan Finding, In Video Programming, Associated Website Annotations, YouTube Creator Studio, Fan-Made Subtitles, 48 and 60 Frames Per Second (FPS) Video Playback are the latest features which have been added to YouTube. As it has brought the boom in social media and its association with Google is bliss. The user does not need to create other user ids for YouTubeLogin; user can use his/her Google id to use it.


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