Terms Of Use

A Term of Use is the condition of any company or product in which you are bound to follow certain rules. It is always requested to read carefully this section before signing.  If you do not agree with the points mentioned in the Terms of Use, then you will not able to use the services. Apart from this, the company has the right to change or modify the terms of use at any point and you will be notified for the same. So, it is always recommended to review the “Terms of use” on a frequent basis. If you have any queries, you can mail to company email id for clarification.

Have a glance at the section of Terms Of Use

Privacy PolicyPlease visit the Privacy Policy page of thecompany to know about how the company collects the data, uses and discloses  from the users

Eligibility: There is always an age limit for using services. If the user is minor than always have to take authorization from the person who is eligible. Furthermore, that person is responsible for any law breach. 

User Accounts and Account Security: Security is the main concern in this technology world.  Whenever you register for an account you provide appropriate information. Failure to provide data correctly may lead to the inability to use the company’s services. If someone accesses your data, you always get the notification.

Payment: According to the user preferences they can opt for the services. Details of each payment will be notified to you prior only so that if you want to change any details or subscription, you can do.

There are many things that are covered in “ Terms of Use “such as Copyright and Limited License, Repeat Infringer Policy, Copyright Complaints, Trademarks, Hyperlinks, Third Party Content, Advertisements, and Promotions; Third-Party Products and Services User Content and Conduct Submissions Indemnification and Disclaimer. So it is always recommendable to go through “terms of use” thoroughly before granting any permission.